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At St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Primary School, our classes for the 2018/19 school year are as follows within the different stages:

Early Years Foundation Stage:
   Mrs Welch’s Class Nur/Rec  

      Miss Howells'  Class – Rec H          Mrs Hall’s Class – Nur H  


Key Stage One:
Miss O'Regan's Class – 1R        Mrs Burton's Class – 1/2B         Miss King-Murphy's Class – 2KM


Key Stage Two:
Mr McAndrew's class – 3M       Mrs McHale class – 3/4MB        Miss Taylor's class – 4T
Mrs Murphy's class – 5M           Mr Breslin's class – 5B
Miss Dobie's class - 6D         Mrs Heaton class - 6H


For a number of years, St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Primary School has had mixed-year classes owing to the imbalance of the number of children in each year group and the desire to keep all class sizes to a reasonable level. This organisation of classes has proved to be very successful and is planned very carefully, with the best interests of the children and the quality of their education provision uppermost. For more information of what is planned for the children in each class to study in the current academic year, click on the Curriculum Map link on your child's Class' page.

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