‘We try to follow Jesus in everything we do’


Our School runs a Digismart Project organised by LIFT which was charitably founded in 1995 by educators, developers and activists in a climate of rising technology usage, immense opportunities presented by the Information Revolution and growing awareness of a Digital Divide.

Originally called LIFT — Learning for Life with Technology, the organisation restructured in 2005 and adopted the shorter name of LIFT for Learning.

Activities between 1995–99 focused on community outreach and research. LIFT developed accessible IT guidance for community learning practitioners in schools, libraries, museums and neighbourhood centres, also partnering with local groups to run computer fun days.

In 2000 the Community Web programme was launched, offering IT workshops linked to popular themes. Its appeal led to Family Web, helping parents to support their children’s learning whilst gaining new skills and confidence for themselves as adult learners.

To address gaps in direct support of children ... LIFT launched the DigiSmart programme in 2002. It has expanded DigiSmart nationally year on year and plans to increase its availability across the UK.

LIFT undertakes other development projects — with passion, energy and purpose. It continues to pursue without compromise its charitable mission that technology is a powerful tool for inclusion and social justice.


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