Star of the Week

Each week we gather together to celebrate the achievements of the children, both at home and school. Children receive a special certificate and pen which congratulates them for their hard work within the school week.

Please find below the winners each week. 

21st September 2018

Scarlett Coley, Ava Inman, Oliver Finney, Jennifer Otame, Gabriella Teguia, Millie Evans, Olly Shenton, Dylan Doyle, Isla Brewer, Farrah Nolan, Georgia Moffatt, Grace Bailey, Cole Leak


28th September 2018

Leighton Woodlock, Denzel Kuidja, Clara Cheung, Jack Upton, Noah Dasilva, Thomas Hulston, Lewis Melvin, Joelle Solomon, Kai Gairns, Daniel Prince, Ava Drzymala

22nd October 2018

Layton Aronwich, Ben Perez Montes, Scarlett Poyning, Sam Weldeghebriel, Layla O'Malley, Ava Beaumont, Lilly Crawford-Lamb, Eva Mae Chadwick 




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