Lets hear you! Communication and Language

Date: 19th Nov 2016 @ 10:15am

“It is said that children learn language from their environment. They get into an environment where language can happen, and language learning happens.” Greg Thompson

As parents/carers. you're the best resource  to support a child's language and communication development. Young children need lots of opportunities to have conversations with you and to hear you modelling language and introducing new words. They learn language better when they're engaged with things that fascinate, challenge and excite them. And they need to hear and say new words often to strengthen the connections in their brains and to keep building their vocabulary. 

Visits to different places help to stimulate exciting language and Manchester and the surrounding area has lots of information in the "What's On" sections of the media to stimulate conversation.

Rhyming helps children to break words down and to hear the sounds that make up words. - so our 8 Rhyme challenge is a great way of stimulating speech.  Sharing stories and books is a great way to practice words and introduce new ones too.- our visit from the Librarian showed us what was available in the local area!

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