‘We try to follow Jesus in everything we do’

Home School Agreement

The aim of our school is to provide for the children a safe, caring and Christian environment, informed by the teachings of the Catholic Church, in which pupils are encouraged to achieve their best in all aspects of school life, supported by teachers and parents working in partnership. 
In partnership, parents expect the School to: 

1.  Provide a curriculum and teaching which encourages children to reach their potential.  

2.  Promote good behaviour by a positive approach to discipline, and encourage children to develop good relationships and take care of their surroundings. 

3.  Inform them of their child’s progress at Parents’ Evenings, through the annual written report and at other times as appropriate. 

4.  Be open, welcoming and supportive and issue regular information about general school matters and events. 

In partnership, the School expects parents to: 

1.  Ensure that the child arrives at school properly equipped and on time. 

2.  Ensure that the child attends regularly and explains all absences as soon as possible. 

3.  Take an interest in the child’s progress and make every effort to attend Parents’ Evenings. 

4.  Support the School’s Mission Statement and Discipline Policy, and make staff aware of any concerns or problems which may affect the child’s life in school. 

In partnership, the School and parents expect the child to: 

1.  Be polite, friendly and helpful to other people. 

2.  Take good care of equipment, the School building and its surroundings. 

3.  Work hard and do his / her best at all times, and respect the learning of others. 

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