Every member of our staff is dedicated to ensuring that all of the children achieve their full potential and enjoy their time at St Margaret Mary's RC Primary School.  Here is our staff team!

Senior Management

Mr M Sutton - Headteacher

Miss M Handrick - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A Heaton - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs P Welch - EYFS Lead

Mrs A Murphy - Phase 2 Lead

Mrs L Burton - Inclusion Manager

Early Years

Teaching Staff

Mrs M Hall - Nursery Teacher

Mrs P Welch - Nursery/Reception Teacher

Miss K Howells - Reception  Teacher

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Smith

Miss P O'Brien

Miss E Yates

Mrs S Bailey

Miss L Davies

Miss A McCloskey

Phase 1

Teaching Staff

Miss O'Regan - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs L Burton - Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss King-Murphy - Year 2 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Hollingsworth

Mrs K Kinsey

Mr N Heap

Phase 2

Teaching Staff

Mr McAndrew - Year 3 Teacher

Miss Blackburne - Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs McHale - Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss S Taylor - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Murphy - Year 5 Teacher

Mr N Breslin - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs A Heaton - Year 6 Teacher

Miss L Dobie - Year 6 Teacher

Ms L Ganley - Year 6 Teacher

Mr J Dolan - Support Teacher

Mr T Keogh - MFL Support

Mrs J Booth - Music Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs E Valentine 

Miss G Lord

Miss E Doyle

Mrs S Fanning

Miss J Ball

Miss A Parker

Admin Staff

Mrs C Whelan - Bursar

Mrs P Peel

Kitchen Staff

Mrs T Doyle - Catering Manager 

Mrs J Mather

Miss M Sbhatu

Mr D Cummings

Cleaning Staff

Mr D Healy

Mrs S Tukiendorf

Mrs K Maloney

Miss M Sbhatu

Dinner Staff

Mrs S Tukiendorf

Mrs K Maloney

Mrs A Williams

Mrs P Conway





St Margaret Mary's R.C. Primary School

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