P4C (Philosophy for Children)

Date: 1st Apr 2016 @ 7:20pm

P4C (Philosophy for Children) is a great approach to develop children's Listening and attention, Understanding and speaking skills. It also supports their Self-Condience and Self-awareness alongside being able to resolve disagreements in a fair manor understanding that not everybody enjoys the same things or thinks in the same way. 

In Reception we have adopted this appraoch and run P4C sesions twice a week. 

One of the activities that the children have thoroughly enjoyed is called 'Would you rather'. Therefore we have saved some documents onto both reception class pages where you can access some would you rather questions for your own use at home if you wish.

During our discussions at school we listen to each other. We promote phrases such as: 'I like your idea Sam, however I think........' Then the next child will respond to this child before expressing their own opinion. This way we are teaching the children about british values at the same time. 

Have a go, see what you think and if you wish you can even bring some of your discussions into school by simply printing the attached documents. We would love to hear where the discussion has taken you.

Enjoy! smiley

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