Manchester Bee Project - more news!

The whole School has been working on a fantastic Manchester Bee Project..

We have taken part in "Bee Manchester" which was "An Across Manchester Project for the Big Draw 2017."

The event was organised by Stanley Grove Primary Academy and Artists and involved a number of other Schools and cultural organisations too.

The theme was The Living Line - an Animated Big Draw which inspired their idea to create stop go animations around the Manchester Bee and harnessed augmented reality techniques so that work can be viewed at different sites in Manchester.  

We are delighted that each child created a  frame and our animation on the themes: BEE KIND AND BE OURSELVES  and they will soon be seen at venues on a Bee Trail devised by Manchester Libraries and  accessed using a free app called Aurasma and on You Tube.

Children and their families were also invited to the family fun day called "Bee Together" on 26th October

Bee Together

and  we thank Stanley Grove and the Creative Crew for putting together our Building Bridges film below:

Bee Manchester Big Draw Film - Building Bridges

What is the Big Draw?


Why the bee?

The worker bee has been a symbol of Manchester since 1842. If you look around the city you will see the bee on buildings, floors, clock faces, bins, bollards, and many other features. 

The worker bee as a concept first became associated with Manchester in the industrial revolution. In the 1800's Manchester was full of cotton mills and hundreds of hard-working people went to work in these buildings. The mills came to be described as ‘hives of activity’ because they were so busy, and the employees were likened to worker bees as they put so much effort into their jobs. This is how the worker bee association came to light. .

In 1842 the worker bee became integrated into the coat of arms of Manchester City Council. This is when it became an official symbol of Manchester. It truly represents the hard work of the people in the industrial revolution and their resilience. 

It is said that the bee represents the ‘togetherness’‘hard work’‘sacrifice’, ‘co-operation’ and ‘resilience’ of the people of Manchester. it also represents great unity.



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