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Welcome to the first blog written by the Reading Council.  We are very pleased to bring you news of all the exciting things we have been doing.


This week, the Reading Council have been discussing how we can tell if children really enjoy reading books.  We have also been discussing how we can raise the profile of reading across the school.  As the voice of the children, we really want to make reading enjoyable for everyone in our school!  In addition to these discussions, we also talked about the BookBench competition which was launched today!  The children have been asked to create a design for the BookBench and we can't wait to see all the fantastic designs!

Read more about this on the Reading Council page.

Whitney - Year 6



Over the past few weeks, the reading council have been working very hard.  We have worked alongside the children from across the school to choose a name for our school library.  Let me introduce... The Book Agency!  In addition to this, the reading council have also been involved in choosing the winning designs for the BookBench.  It was very difficult to do as we had over one hundred competition entries however we have finally narrowed these down to the last 10.  We would like to say a big thank you to every child who entered the competition. Watch this space for the winning design and the first runner up!  Finally, we are really lucky to have an author coming into school on Monday 24th April and Tuesday 25th April.  Her name is Rachael Lindsay and she will be working with children from Year 1 right up to Year 6 as she introduces them to her troll friends! 

Kevin Y6




Hello and welcome to the reading council blog.  Here you can find information about reading or you can catch up with everything which the reading council are doing and discussing. 

In our last meeting we discussed which competitions or exciting events we should do next.  We focused on the opinions of the students as we always take everybody's opinions into account.  In addition to this, we also discussed genres of books and decided to ask the children which types of books they would like to see more of in our class library.


thank you for reading.

Dayo (Y6)


Thank you to all the children for the effort that they have put into the design a display competition. We have found it very difficult to decide on a winner, this shows just how fantastic our children are. A quick reminder of our reading council book swap on 15/02/18, children have been bringing books in to swap and these are still comin in, so THANK YOU! Check out our winning display, more information to follow!

Freya Y6

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