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gallery: Advent preparation with Just Youth, by Mrs Keenan

event: Y4, Y5 & Y6 Christmas disco, by Mrs Keenan

event: Y1, Y2 & Y3 Christmas Disco, by Mrs Keenan

event: EYFS Christmas Disco, by Mrs Keenan

gallery: Hinning House - Group 1, by Mrs Keenan

gallery: Learning about Advent, by Mrs Keenan

gallery: Making Advent crowns, by Mrs Keenan

gallery: 5T Assembly, by Mrs Keenan

blog: Nursery name post box, by Mrs Hall

news: Harvest Exhibition 2019, by Mrs Hall

blog: Nursery Rhyme Challenge, by Mrs Hall

blog: Welcome!, by Mrs Hall

news: Planting Peace, by Mrs Hall

blog: Humpty Wall Challenge, by Mrs Hall

news: Remembrance 1918 - 2018, by Mrs Hall

news: Harvest Festival and Exhibition, by Mrs Hall

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