EYFS Pirate Day

Class: Mrs P Welch's Class Nurs/Rec1 Year: 2017 - 2018

Our topic this term is pirates so we decided to invite our pirate friend Ron to hold an exciting day for the children in the EYFS. Our morning began with an interactive talk about pirates learning all about pirates and their adventures. We used our thinking brain to ask Pirate Ron lots of questions which we were bursting to know! Pirate Ron then told us a story about a princess who had her treasure stolen by cheeky pirates. We really enjoyed the puppet show and helping Pirate Ron keep the princess' treasure safe. In the afternoon, Nursery had lots of fun creating parrots and making repeating patterns on their new neckerchiefs. Reception spent the afternoon following Pirate Rons instructions by making their own pirate/mermaid hand puppets. They got really creative using lots of different materials. All of the children in the EYFS had a fantastic day and are really enthusiastic to learn even more about pirates in the next few weeks. Thank you Pirate Ron for your visit!



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