Year 5's Eco Exhibition

Lesson: Geography

Class: Mrs Murphy's class - 5M Year: 2017 - 2018

In the summer Term, Year 5 have been learning all about our ever changing world as part of their Geography/ citizen topic. We looked at problems our world is currently facing such as: Global warming, deforestation, plastic and food waste. As part of an eco project, the children made a machine to help solve a world problem. They created an invention to help our planet such as: a machine to produce more oxygen, a food waste robot, a sea drone to collect rubbish, a water purifier to help places in drought and many more wonderful ideas. All the machine prototypes were made out of recycled items such as plastic bottles and cardboard boxes.The children worked so hard and produced posters, presentations and explanation sheets on their fantastic machines. We held an exhibition in our classes to show case the designs. Parents and other children were invited-We hope we have helped to share some ideas on how we can help our planet...


St Margaret Mary's R.C. Primary School

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