Our Gallery

Forest School session 1, by Miss Dobie

Sports Day 2018, by Mr Breslin

Making a lightproof den, by Mrs Murphy

EYFS Sports day 13.06.18, by Mrs Smith

PE with MCFC, by Miss Jackson

PE with MCFC, by Miss Dobie

Nursery Fish, by Mrs Hall

Cells, by Miss Dobie

Greek vases, by Miss Dobie

Greece research, by Miss Dobie

Celebrating Pentecost, by Miss Dobie

Performing playscripts , by Miss Doyle

Science assessment, by Mrs Murphy

Our Grass heads have grown!, by Miss Percival

Pentecost Celebrations , by Miss Doyle

Celebrating Pentecost, by Miss Jackson

Royal wedding , by Miss Doyle

Ground Force Team, by Miss Dobie

Fractured fairy tales , by Miss Doyle

Ring Ring! Cup phones, by Miss Doyle


St Margaret Mary's R.C. Primary School

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