Miss McCreavy's Class - 1/2K: Gallery

Holy Week Crosses, by Mrs Hall

EnviroLent, by Mrs Keenan

Swimming Gala, by Mrs Keenan

GIFT Team, by Mrs Keenan

Y1/2 Christmas Yoga, by Mrs Keenan

Y1/2 Christmas Class Wars, by Mrs Keenan

Y1, 2 & 3 Christmas Disco, by Mrs Keenan

Policeman visit, by Miss O'Regan

Lost and Found , by Miss O'Regan

Year 2 Regrowth Project , by Miss Doyle

Year 1 Regrowth Project, by Miss Doyle

Amazing Women, by Miss Handrick

What makes a capital city? , by Miss O'Regan

Key Stage One Nativity , by Miss Handrick

Panto trip, by Miss O'Regan

Story Time with Year 1 & 2., by Miss Howells


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